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At BF Sheds & Garages in Rockhampton we carry a wide selection of carports to choose from. All our carports are customisable in size, colour height and width, with a range of roof styles available to suit your home and requirements.

Carports no longer have to be the rickety, plain metal structures they once were. The modern versions of carports are well designed with a lot of consideration going into the look as well as the function. A carport is now an affordable and stylish way to add value to your home.
Providing more than just home value appreciation, carports are also an excellent way to protect vehicles, bicycles and boats from the harsh elements, animals, birds and falling debris. We will work closely with you to fully customise your carport, based upon your choices in colour preferences, height and width availability. At your request, we can even include features that will complement the architecture of your home.
Carports — Sheds & Garages in Rockhampton, QLD
Carport in the house — Sheds & Garages in Rockhampton, QLD
Our carport selection includes, but is not limited to: gable carport (roof with a pitch), flat roof carport, Dutch Gable, awning style, four-post and Gable carports (open span in the gable).

Carport building regulations can vary from council to council and even state to state, it can be very challenging finding the correct building and permit information for your particular property and council area. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that, we handle everythingrelated to permits for your new carport. From submitting plans to the council to obtaining all necessary permits required for your particular zone.
We take safety very seriously and you should as well. We are fully licensed and use only top-quality products and build for structural soundness and safety.

You can rely on the specialists at BF Sheds & Garages.
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